Phillip & Elizabeth’s Wedding Film (Roswell, GA)

Phillip and Elizabeth have been such an amazing couple for us to get to know this year. They are kind, sincere, and a lot of fun too! We loved hearing their story, sharing our own, and enjoying casual chit chat about sports and life with them over dinner in historic downtown Norcross just a couple months before their wedding. We met them earlier in the year at Primrose Cottage in Roswell, GA and we’re so glad we did! We want to congratulate This incredible duo as they continue their journey together now as husband and wife!

In their own words here is the day that began their engagement:

Phillip and I planned a weekend trip to North Carolina to visit his Pepaw. Little to my knowledge this was going to be the weekend that Phillip asked me to marry him. The whole way up the mountain we talked about all of our friends who were getting engaged, and I may or may not have mentioned I was jealous. Obviously, I did not know the ring was sitting in his golf bag in the trunk of the car. Phillip had bought us tickets for Saturday, August 27th to tour the Biltmore house, and we were going to conclude the day with a wine tasting.

We woke up bright and early that morning and began getting ready. Phillip asked me to check the weather as it was supposed to be rainy. I quickly responded with, “Well, it’s not sunny with a chance of engagement so does it matter?” He laughed and we set off to the Biltmore house. We toured the 178,926 square foot house in 30 minutes – guess you could say Phillip was nervous. We then set off for the gardens in search of the sunflowers, but with Phillip’s great directions we did not make it. At this point, it was very sunny and hot; I was sweaty and ready to get some water. Phillip stopped us several times along the way and insisted we take a picture with his GoPro; after many stops he finally found the perfect spot for “our picture.” We were at the top of a balcony overlooking the mountains of North Carolina. He set up his GoPro, and we waited patiently for the timer. With the sun beating down on me I said, “Oh my goodness, how long is this stupid timer?!” At that moment Phillip knelt down on one knee. My jaw dropped to the ground and I backed up into the wall in total shock as my whole body was shaking. I wish I could tell you what he said, but all I can remember him saying is, “So, is that a yes?” He was videoing the whole thing, and it was indeed not a picture. I then called my mom and said, “Mom, I’m engaged…I don’t know what to do!” We laughed, and I continued to call my best friends and family, and now I’m sharing our story with you.

Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Primrose Cottage

Planner: Pollyanna Richter

Photography: Laura Stone

DJ: Black Tie Events

Flowers, Cake, Catering: A Divine Event

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