Will & Alex’s Wedding Film (Cleveland, GA)

We are so excited to share Will & Alex’s incredibly beautiful wedding film! Their love for animals brought them together at first and their love for each other brought them together in marriage. They were married at Neverland Farms in Cleveland, GA just a couple hours northeast of Atlanta, GA. Their wedding is one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve captured and we couldn’t be more thrilled about sharing this beautiful day with an amazing couple and their friends and families. Congratulations, Will and Alex! We hope you enjoy your wedding video for years to come!

How Alex met Will:

Not surprisingly, Will and I met through our love of dogs. Will is a police K-9 handler and I have been filming a show about police K-9’s for the last several years. A mutual friend suggested we meet, and we grudgingly agreed to what would surely be an awkward, uncomfortable semi-blind date. But then we began talking on the phone, and our conversations lasted for hours and hours at a time. And finally we chose a day and time to meet for the first time. Our first date lasted for almost 6 hours! We talked, walked around the Avalon (an outdoor development near where we live) and the rest is history!

How Will met Alex:

The first time I saw Alex I thought to myself, “okay, this girl is down with taking a bite from a K9.” With me being a K9 handler, it was clearly a match made in heaven and unknowingly there would be many more attributes from Alex that would solidify my love for her. After long shifts at work I would come home and spend hours on the phone talking with Alex and learning about how much of an angel she is and how our ideals align. On a slightly cold Sunday morning after we both attended church (separately) we met and had the longest, best first date. From that day on January 31, 2016 we have never been apart for more than three days, and any man I know can agree if you want to spend that much time with someone then they are special.

The Proposal (from Alex’s point of view):

It was just an average Monday. We had been running errands that morning and had just gotten home. I couldn’t figure out why Will was SO eager to go out and walk the dogs, but I agreed to go with him. Fortunately I didn’t change into my sweatpants! We walked out to our favorite grassy spot in the middle of our neighborhood and were playing fetch with Hummer (Will’s police dog). I turned around for a moment to grab the leash, and Will asked me to look at what had suddenly appeared on Hummer’s collar. I saw a little blue ribbon dangling down! When I took a closer look, I realized that there was a tiny ring tied to the ribbon. Will asked me to walk over to him, and that’s when he got down on one knee and brought out the real ring! We were also incredibly fortunate to have our amazing friend Amy Jo hiding out in the bushes (seriously she was so sneaky!) snapping beautiful photos of the entire event. And then Will informed me that he had been conspiring with our now wedding photographer, Claire Diana, to set up an amazing engagement shoot for that afternoon. He even made me a hair appointment (thanks Sarah Kate) so that my hair would look pretty for the photos! It was a truly magical day. 

The Proposal (from Will’s point of view):

Good-lawd-a-mercy, first let me just tell you it is almost impossible to plan a surprise for someone who is not expecting a surprise. We’ve never been a typical or cheerio couple and our marriage was never a secret between us. We talked about it a lot and knew quickly we had found the person who we are going to spend the rest of our lives with. So the proposal day arrived, and I had to continuously play interference. Alex kept trying to plan things for the day and I kept having to call people and have them cancel on her. I had mentioned the day before to Alex that I wanted to take the dogs for a walk so she was not tipped off. We began our walk to the courtyard in our neighborhood and Amy Jo was lurking in the bushes to capture the moment. We played fetch with our dog and I tied a fake ring to the collar. I was hoping Alex would see the small ribbon on his collar and the opportunity would present it’s self. Instead I grew nervous because I wanted it all to go perfect, I stepped in and asked Alex what was on the collar. She looked at it in intrigue, leaned down and began to untie the ribbon. I said “Alex, baby leave that and stand up” As she stood up I went to my knee and removed the ring box from my pocket. I slowly opened the box and began to tell Alex how much I loved her and how I wanted to spend my life with her and how her greatest qualities were rubbing off on me and I wanted to continue that for the rest of my life. I asked Alex if she would marry me, and she said YES! (obviously or I would not be writing this.) I slipped the ring on her finger and we hugged and kissed and I surprised her again with an engagement shoot for that evening and a quick hair appointment with our friend Sarah Kate.

Thanks to the amazing vendors who helped bring the day to life with us:

Venue: Neverland Farms

Photography: Claire Diana Photography

Band: The Royal Suits

Hair: Sarah Kate Price

Flowers: The Flower Post

Cake: Confection Perfection Cakes

Stationary: Dancing Pen and Press

Dress: Wedding Angels

Make up: Megan Quintana Artistry

Carriage: Back In Time Carriages

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